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Anal Creampie Love, Part 2

He stared at me with his mouth open, not expecting my answer.

“Okay where’s your husband?”

I pointed to the bench press and said, “Right over there in the black tank.”

He turned and said “You are Alex’s wife??!! Shit, no wonder he looks so damn happy all the time.”

“Are you going to ask him regarding anal creampie?” I said.

He looked at me and said “Regarding anal creampie? Is this a joke? What is gonna do, break my neck?”.

“No joke, you asked what it would take, I told you. Do you want to have the anal creampie or don’t you?”

He turned and practically ran to the weight area. I didn’t see them talking right away. Carter had spotted Alex in his bench press.

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A few minutes later he came back to me. I was on the leg abductor machine and opening and closing my legs. He stood there looking directly at my pussy, and said, “He told me to follow you guys home for anal creampie time.”

I looked at him and he already had an erection. Truth be known, I was just as anxious as he was.

As directed he followed us home, and he came into the house. Alex turned to me and said “Honey, I saw him in the shower, I think you are going to be quite thrilled in a few minutes.”

I smiled at my husband and went to Carter. I ran my hand across his hard chest. His hand went to my arm and his fingertips stroked my triceps. I had goose bumps from his touch.

I put my hands on his waist and pressed against him. He was hard under his jeans, big and hard. I kissed him. He pulled me tight against him.

His hands went to my tshirt and pulled it up over my head. I had no bra and he looked down at my smallish but very firm breasts, looked at Alex and said, “Perfect anal creampie slut.”

Anal Creampie Love, Part 1

His name was Carter He is about 6 feet tall and maybe 230 pounds with lots of muscle but a bit of a potbelly to go with it. He shaves bald for that bad-boy look and has a gold earring in one ear. No tattoos or anything but he has that rough tough biker look. This not usually my type but I know a secret about Carter. He’s a professional writer and has authored several books.

We knew him from our gym. I don’t go often but my husband is there 2-3 times a week.

One time I went and felt a little playful. I wore a white Danskin body suit and neglected to wear anything under it. With my medium brown Asian coloration the white shows quite a bit of me, like nipples and pussy hair when I have some. It is also tight down there are pretty much shows off the shape of my pussy.

Carter did not know me. We had never formally met. But Carter is a real womanizer. No female gets into the gym without Carter there to greet her and make a pass. Escorted or not, married or not. He doesn’t care.

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I came in and went to the treadmill. Alex was already on the weights. Carter homed in on me like a heat seeking missile. Five minutes later he was on the treadmill next to me flirting like crazy. I flirted back and after maybe 15-20 minutes I was ready to get off the treadmill and work the leg machine, he said, “What would it take to get you?”

“Excuse me?”

“Honey, you are most delicious looking thing I have ever seen in here. What would it take to get you to go home with me?”

“Go home with you?”

“Yes, baby. Go home. You know, go home to my place. My life will not be complete until I taste your anal creampie.”

“I guess you have to ask my husband.”

“Oh yeah? Maybe I will, what’ll he say?” he asked.

I told him, “He could very well say yes if he likes your idea with anal creampie. He has said yes to similar questions by others before.”

The Anal Creampie Party, Part 3

This was my first anal creampie, and I loved how Frank’s seemed to fit just right. My tongue caressed its head and I began to lick the slit with an expectation of reward. Frank’s big cock oozed with passion and I chased each drop with my tongue and sent it down my throat. Frank came quickly, in a gusher, as I slurped and swallowed. It was such an intense experience that I came at the same time into Sharon’s waiting mouth.

Sharon continued sucking my cock as if nothing had happened, and then licked my balls and cock back up to full steam. I thanked her for her anal creampie perserverance by proceeding to fuck her silly.

Each thrust brought her closer to climax, until she finally went over the edge in a blissful orgasm. I waited for her to recover, and carefully tested, no tasted her pussy with my gentle, loving licks. I was soon enjoying a bountiful amount of Sharon’s sweet cum juice.

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While I was doing that, Samantha was leaning up against the wall, motioning to one fellow after another to take his turn fucking the most luscious woman in the room. While they fucked her, she would keep an eye on me, noting if I were ready to come back to her yet.

After about 20 minutes, she walked over to me and stood in front of me. Grasping a tit in each hand, she again began fondling her nipples and commanded “Eat me, eat my dripping anal creampie.”

I quickly obeyed, and my tongue dove into a pool of love anal creampie. She was soon writhing with ecstasy on the floor. I pressed her stomach to get all the come, as I slurped and swallowed and sucked. She came twice, and I licked her anal creampie clean.

The Anal Creampie Party, Part 2

As if rehearsed, I immediately grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand and began to lovingly lick her wet slit, caressing her with my tongue as she massaged her nipples with her thumbs.

In no time at all, everyone was finding their way to express themselves sexually; Stan liked what Samantha was doing so much that he came up behind her to lend a hand (or two) to hers.

Samantha responded by tilting her head back and kissing Stan deeply, their tongues swirling around in each other’s mouth. With Stan kneading her breast and nipples, Samantha was free to reach down and caress my neck, pulling me closer and deeper into her luscious cunt.

Samantha’s pussy became as wet as the watery kisses she and Stan were enjoying. Soon Stan’s’ erect penis was slipping passed my busy mouth, and plunging deep into Samantha’s ass ready for anal creampie. Samantha held me even closer with each of Stan’s thrusts. I licked and sucked more franticly, wanting every drop of Nancy’s sweet love juices, as they were pumped out and began to coat Stan’s glistening cock.

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Sharon saw what was happing, and seeing my cock was unoccupied (though definitely aroused), she opened up my trousers and quickly went down on me, pushing my hard cock deep into her throat. The added sensation of my throbbing cock being enveloped in a warm wet mouth was so good that I mindlessly continued licking up the juices that Samantha and Stan were producing, even when Stan’s balls drew up and his cock began to pump hot cream into Samantha twat.

The cum began to pour out around Stan’s cock, and I increased the speed of my licks, trying to capture every drop. When Stan pulled away, I buried my tongue as deep as possible, using it to spoon out all I could of the fresh anal creampie treasure.

Frank saw how spent Stan was, and how I had eaten Samantha and Stan’s anal creampie, and he saw an opportunity for sexual expression of his own. He stepped over, put on hand at the back of my head, and used the other to direct his erect dick to my insatiable mouth.

The Anal Creampie Party, Part 1

There must have been at least 25 people there at the anal creampie party. The crowd was just buzzing with good vibrations.

It might have been because there was just enough room for all of us, and everyone had a found a comfortable spot: some were hanging out on the patio, other’s sat on couch, the loveseat, or the large arms of that furniture. There were many attractive and interesting people; it was a well-mixed group, bubbling with life and enjoying the companionship of the others.

I don’t know exactly how the room grew so warm and safe, but things to a turn for the hot and erotic when Sue and Nancy decided to put Bill’s brag to a test. It seems Bill was bragging that he was a world class kisser. Sue was going to let Fred kiss her, and then Bill could follow, so she could compare. They would find out if Bill was a better kisser than Fred.

Alas, Sue and Fred forgot about any anal creampie contest quickly, for Fred’s kisses were good enough to get Sue going. That fact was clear, as Sue deftly loosed Fred’s jeans to fondle his package.

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The rest of the anal creampie party continued to talk and pretty much ignored the couple, but then Nancy stood up in front of Bill as Bill’s head disappeared under her skirt. Nancy wiggled her hips and her panties fell down her legs. She stepped out of her panties and joined Sue and Fred in a chorus of moans. (I would vote for Bill’s kisses over Fred’s kisses, considering where Bill was kissing).

I was standing near the bar, talking with Samantha, when Bill began eating Nancy. Samantha began to watch Nancy, and mumbled something like, “umm, that looks like anal creampie fun”. I didn’t want to miss that anal creampie opportunity, so I immediately got down on my knees and replied, “I’d love to” as I began kissing Samantha’s crotch. I was happy to find that Samantha didn’t have any panties to worry about.

Samantha smiled broadly, raised her hands behind her neck and unfastened the single tie holding her flowing dress onto her body. Even though the dress was light and silky, her full breast stopped its fall. With one slow, deliberate motion, she stroked her dress off her beautiful boobs and then caressed her breasts to herself with her arms.

Anal Creampie At The Grocery Store, Part 3

This sex goddess had me literally eating out of her pussy, and I was loving it. Every lick left me feeling like the king of cunnylinguistics, as she squirmed and opened up increasingly. Then I felt her hands gentle caress the back of my neck and pilot my endevors to all the little places that thrilled her. I was following her as she moved up on the couch, or down the couch.

I was so focused, nay, obsessed with my work of worshiping this anal creampie hole that I hadn’t noticed that her husband had somehow maneuvered behind her. While I suckled on her protruding clit, he deftly and stealthily penetrated her wet pussy lips with his hard cock. I didn’t notice he had even entered the room until I found the path to my happy lapping blocked by his pumping penis.

I was beyond being startled, as the only thought I had was how to continue to lick my goddess, and the drum beat of my throbbing cock.

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“Oh, good, yes, keep licking me where you can, anal creampie lover”, she cooed. “It makes me so hot and creamy to be licked while I’m fucked”. And so I did. I even helped keep her full, as her motions and his often brought his cock head up from the folds of her lips. I would make my tongue hard and push him back into her depths, where he would soon loose his torrents of man cream.

As I continued to lap at my now-limited target, I could see and feel his balls draw up as if they wanted to follow his cock into her warm womb. I thought I could feel the pulse of his orgasm vibrating her clit, because I was sucking it as he shot his anal creampie deep inside her. In no time, his softening cock was unable to keep up with her motions, and my kingdom of cunnydom was free of intruders. I returned to her well spring and worked to clean up any remnants of his visit, feasting as well on her moans of pleasure and words of encouragement.

I was strangely still hungry as I left, but I had a number to call if i should want a second anal creampie helping.

Anal Creampie At The Grocery Store, Part 2

“Oh, I’m thinking of a little adventure, actually”, she responded.

“Oh?” as I bagged my last item, and she gather up the last of hers. I wanted anal creampie adventure.

“Yea”, she replied, and we found ourselves walking out together.

“Here, let me help you with that”, as I motioned to take one of her bags. I had only one, while she had two; both were larger. I was careful not to grab, and waited for her to take advantage of my offer.

“There’s something else you can do for me”, she added, as she handed me the bag. “Maybe you can help me bring them home. I’m walking and I’m just a block over there” She pointed with the hand that was now free. The anal creampie adventure started.

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I was delighted to accompany her, and my scientific mind was measuring her figure through her cloaking clothes as I watched her lips with each word she spoke. She was fascinating.

When we arrived, we placed the groceries on the table, and as I isolated mine from hers, she kissed me.

I immediately responded, and our kisses grew hot and passionate exponentially. Soon I was leading her toward the couch as our clothes began to flake off. We were almost in a blur, a frenzy, and soon were effectively naked, except for a few unfortunate pieces of clothes that clung on as if hoping to return to their former location.

I kissed my way down her wondrous body, delighted that it was even more luscious than I had imagined about anal creampie, and reached her full bush where her feminine aroma was well presented. That just made me more animalistic before anal creampie, and I began to munch at her pussy lips, kissing them as they opened up for my waiting tongue.

Anal Creampie At The Grocery Store, Part 1

I was at the store, and checking out the people (as I always do). There was one woman that was in her almost grubby comfy clothes in the check out. At first, I didn’t notice her, but as I looked closer, I could imagine an erotic, sexual creature masked by the casual clothes, blending inconspicuously in the crowd. I wondered how her hips curved, if her legs were toned and if she likes anal creampie.

As she moved about, my mind did its magic and computed the vectors of force and mass under the clothes, and I began to sense a very pleasant female form for anal creampie. Then she caught me calculating.

I looked away. I tried to not look back, but I couldn’t help it. And when I did look back, her eyes caught mine. I acknowledged her attention with a small smile, and thought I detected a similar, tentative gesture. I looked away again.

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Again, I could not help but look back, and she was still looking at me, and her eyes were warm and intriguing for anal creampie. I began to shift about, and felt my cock take every opportunity to occupy any space I might make inside my trousers.

She noticed my squirming, and I thought I saw a giggle pass over her eyes. Could I really see her giggling in her eyes regarding the anal creampie? I was getting really absorbed in looking at her, and she seemed to be reacting favorably to my looks, which were approaching the “staring” mode. I tried to not stare and not to think about the anal creampie.

She was ahead of me in line with only one customer in between, and she was finishing her purchases. She moved to bag them, as the next customer was checked out, and was just finishing up as I started. She seemed to have to get another bag or something, and was still working on her bagging as I began mine.

I hurried quickly, and said “How are you today?” as if I could compare that to how she was yesterday.

Old Creampie Story, part 37

She saw a big puddle of precum on Harry’s stomach, and she knew he must be close. She pulled his steel-hard cock back through his thighs with difficulty, then took him into her mouth. She gave him all the pleasure she could in partial payment for the gift he was giving her.

She saw the broom was buried deep, and that its balls were moving. She correctly guessed that it was finally cumming in Harry. Without warning, Harry began filling her mouth with his cum, and she held as much as she could in her mouth. When the dick pulled out, she saw he was filled with anal creampie. She’d clean his anal creampie later, but first she snowballed Harry.

Their kisses were long and deep, trading his cum back and forth. She finally stopped, and licked her juices from his face.

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“Look!” Harry exclaimed. She turned to see the three dildos had turned back to broomsticks, and somehow no longer radiated malevolence as they trooped out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

“Thank you,” she murmured, kissing him again and again. “The anal creampie nightmare is over.”

“It was hard,” he admitted. “But… I am wondering if I’ll ever experience anal creampie sex again. It was…. Interesting,” he allowed.

“Mmmmm, I don’t know,” she smiled. “Roll over,” she said, “I need to clean you up.” Harry rolled back onto his stomach, and was surprised to find her licking the anal creampie from his ass. He was even more surprised at how long she did it, and how late he got home.

Old Creampie Story, part 36

She did, not knowing his intentions. Harry rolled over onto his knees, and crawled to Rosie with the cock still humping him. Harry spread Rosie’s legs and began to eat her anal creampie. In this new position, he could feel the balls smacking into his own, a sticky and nasty sensation. Harry buried his tongue between the folds of her pussy lips, licking out her sap-like wetness.

Harry found this new position highly pleasurable. He loved eating anal creampie, and found that it was very stimulating to be fucked while doing it. When the medium cock came deep in his ass, he loved the hot and wet anal creampie he got. He even liked the nasty dripping he felt on his nuts when it pulled out. After that, it was almost like normal sex, a man eating a woman, and both loving it.

Harry was reminded of his former virgin status though, when the last cock entered him. With his mouth not filled, he cried out in pain. His asshole felt like it was tearing, and he cried out “FUCK” over and over as it inched in. He felt every thick vein as it pressed in without remorse.

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Rosie gripped his hair and pulled his mouth into her crotch. She ground hard against his moaning mouth until he was quiet. She saw that the ebony member was pulling out, and noted that Harry was again tonguing her sloppy wet ass.

“Roll over baby,” she said, and she helped Harry twist onto his back. The cock pulled all the way out as he rolled, then pressed quickly in again. Harry arched his back in pain and pleasure. Rosie noted that his nipples were hard, as was his cock, as she mounted his face.

Harry endured the strain of being stretched, and the odd feeling of fullness and emptiness as he was fucked. Soon, he decided he loved it, especially with Rosie’s large genitals filling his view. She was sliding her pussy back and forth over his face, and he loved it.

Rosie leaned forward and pressed Harry’s thighs down to his stomach. This let the ebony broomstick get maximum penetration. She watched, seeing clearly for the first time the technique it employed, and the aftermath. This one like to fuck hard and fast, and then pull all the way out. She saw how wide open his ass was, the white anal creampie inside visible. Then the monster would press its head in and push in quickly with a full stroke. It was damn sexy to watch.

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