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Threesome Sex After Barbeque, part 1

Busty Anal Whore Filled With JizzWhen my wife was in college, she met a student who was intelligent, personable, morally bankrupt, and horny. She told me about him and I thought he seemed like an interesting person to hang out with.

I suggested that she invite him over for a barbeque and refreshments, she did, and he gratefully accepted. After eating some really fine steaks and salads, we started talking about anal creampie.

He was 10 years younger than she, but the gap did not matter. All of us had plenty to drink and I got tired and went to bed. I woke up about 3 A.M. and noticed my wife not in bed. Whispering and heavy breathing came from the living room, so I quietly peeked around the corner to find her on the couch with him kneeling on the floor, his hand up her sweatshirt and her hand on his ass.

Ass With An Abundance Of Anal CreampieMy eyes popped out of my head.

I went back to bed with a major erection and wondering what would transpire. After about ten minutes I returned for another peek. She was sitting on the floor in the living room, naked, with her legs spread open and he was naked on the couch sporting an enormous erection.

I went back to bed praying for what happened next: she came into the room and said that he wanted anal creampie. I said to bring him in. So she had him enter the bedroom and lay on our bed with us. It was not long before he had mounted her, sliding his bare penis into her ass.

Ass Overflowing With Anal Creampie After No Condom SexHe filled her ass with an enormous cock, and she started having orgasm after orgasm. He did not last more than three or four minutes, shooting an entire anal creampie into her.

I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. She had sucked me from time to time and I did not want to cum in her mouth at this point. It had been fifteen years since I had anal creampie with my ex, and I could not forget the wonderful feeling anal creampie was.

Sunday Anal Creampie

Anal Creampie Dripping Nasty Ass He Jizz Anal Creampie Inside Her Ass Two Guys Filled Girls Ass With Anal Creampie

MF and I mowed our neighbor’s yard again Sunday morning. We started in our back yard, then did our front, then his front, then moved to his back. When we were about half done with his back yard, she went inside. She had told me she was going to. She asked him if he needed some “relief”, and he gave the obvious answer- “hell yeah!” They were in the living room, so MF bent over the couch and pulled her shorts and panties to the side… she had worn loose fitting cotton shorts and cotton panties… I know, not very sexy, but very functional.

He stepped behind her and rubbed his already hard cock up and down her sweaty ass crack a few times, then she helped him position it at her ass hole. She was sweaty and horny and it slipped easily into her. I could actually see them if I looked through the window, but I was concentrating on getting the job done, knowing I would have an anal creampie very soon! She said he grabbed her hips and stroked about 6 or 7 times, then grunted and slammed into her. She stayed bent over the couch and let him pound and then stroke more gently until his balls were empty and her ass was full and he backed away. She pulled her shorts and panties back into place and turned to look at him just as he was tucking his sloppy cock back into his pants. She told him “You know (fran) would love to clean that up for you?” We’ve told him a bit more about me (but not everything) and he said “hmmm… we’ll see.”

She walked back out into the back yard just as I was emptying the bag into the trash can. She had a huge smile on her face. She walked to me and said “I need to be cleaned”. I fell to my knees and pulled her shorts and panties down. She let me take them completely off of her, right there in his back yard! I was on my knees in front of her… sweat was running down her legs, down her belly… anal creampie was actually starting to drip out of her! I pushed my face to her ass and started to lick. She spread her feet apart and reached down and pushed, forcing as much out as she could… and it was a lot! She told me later that while I was licking her he looked out the window and she blew him a kiss. :) She was so musky and sloppy and sweaty.. it was fantastic!

When I had gotten as much as I could, we quickly gathered the lawn care tools and put them away. We went into the bedroom where I stripped her naked. I licked all over her sweaty body… her stubbly, stinky armpits, the crease under her tits, her ass crack that had sweat literally running down it… and then she lay down and I again licked her anal creampie. Damn he must have put a lot of cum in her! I could still taste anal creampie.

I made her cum on my tongue, then crawled on top of her and shoved my hard cock into her. I wish I could say I long stroked her for 30 minutes.. but it was more like 30 seconds, probably. While I fucked her I licked her sweaty pits, and very quickly I added my sperm to what was left of his.

After that we both showered. Our son was at work, so I stayed naked and she put on a swimsuit coverup that is like a long tank top… and nothing else. Throughout the afternoon we would fondle and even lick each other. I made her cum again in my mouth. I could taste anal creampie every time I licked her, and especially when she came in my mouth!

Later in the evening, when she was getting ready to go to bed, we went to the bedroom and she rode me until I came in her again. She was satisfied and didn’t cum, but after I filled her she moved up and sat on my face and let me clean her again.

Rhoda & Phil Sex Story, part 3

Phil starts moaning and speeding up – Rhoda the same – then I feel my cum coming up from somewhere around my toes, and out of my dick – Phil starts moaning even more, goes up and down on me, and takes every drop. Then he tenses up, and I know Rhoda is getting a mouthful also. They keep sucking for a while, then they both stand up – Rhoda grabs me by the hair and tilts my head back, presses on my cheek until my mouth opens, and dribbles all of Phil’s anal creampie into my mouth. Then Phil does the same thing to Rhoda. Then I give Phil some of his own. Then Rhoda swallows what she has, and says “OK you fuckers, swallow that anal creampie.” And we do.

So went my first 45 minutes at Rhoda and Phil’s. I thought about all of the years I had wasted until now.

Rhoda says “lets go upstairs for another anal creampie”, Phil kind of smiles and says “Yeah”, and we all follow Rhoda up. She looks incredible walking up the stairs, her ass swaying, her hair swaying, her heels clacking. As we ascend the stairs we start to hear a mans voice grunting, going “oh fuck, oh yes, oh anal creampie”. We walk into the bedroom, which has satin sheets in black and red walls, and there is the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve never seen Nefertiti, the incredible shemale with the giant tits, and the giant dick – well, she is quite amazing. There she is, in the flesh, pounding her amazing dick into the asshole of a very average looking middle aged white guy. He’s the one the grunts are coming from, and as we watched the incredible length of Nefertiti’s dick enter and leave his asshole, its easy to see why he was being vocal. Nefertiti is whispering to him, “I love your tight ass, I just love anal creampie, but I’m going to come in your mouth”. With that she pulls completely out, he turns real quick – I can see the first hint of Nef’s cream, and then the guy locks his lips on the tip and starts moaning, like he’s been starved for a month. She looks up, closes her eyes and starts to vibrate, and he audibly keeps sucking and swallowing her whole load down, and pumping on her awesome length with his right hand.

Rhoda & Phil Sex Story, part 2

Messy Sloppy Anal CreampiePhil was no slouch either. He looked, smelled great, and had a hard dick waving around, just the right size – not too big, not too small. And he was now slowly pulling on Jerry’s semi-hard dick, and licking the anal creampie. Rhoda came around to Phil’s side, got on her knees, and started to run her tongue up and down Jerry’s dick also, while using her hand to pull on Phil’s.

Phil started to moan as he swallowed Jerry’s dick, and Rhoda, in this loud whisper, said “oh fuck, baby, I love watching you suck a new dick – It’s so fucken sexy – I fucken love it before anal creampie!”. Phil kept sucking, and Rhoda leaned down and started sucking on Phil’s beauty.

Anal Creampies at WorkShe stopped for a second and said “baby, do to him whatever I do to you” – This was great – her nasty mind was now controlling the anal creampie activity for all three of us. Suddenly I felt Phil grab my dick in his hand and start licking it, while he sucked on my balls. It was such a turn on to know that he was receiving the same from this fantastic woman. This kept up for a while, lots of moaning and slurping – I’d hear Rhoda spit, then Phil would spit. I’d hear Rhoda gag, then Phil would deep throat me like a Hoover.

Then, I start feeling his right finger crawling around to my asshole. Gently rubbing, slightly pushing in – and I’m so turned on, knowing that he is getting the same treatment from Rhoda . Then he’s in one knuckle deep, and goes back to sucking me wildly – I hear and see similar, speedy activity from Rhoda on Phil, and I can tell by her arm movement that she’s pistoning her finger in and out of Phil’s ass with gusto. Every once in a while she takes her finger out of his ass, her mouth off of his cock, and sticks her finger in her mouth and moans – and guess what Phil does!

Teen gets an anal creampie by the poolThese people were fucking great – they had it figured out, and I thought, “boy, was this worth the air fare. I don’t know what the next few days are going to be like, but I know I can’t wait for the anal creampie”.

Looking at Phil with my dick in his mouth, and Rhoda with Phils dick in her mouth, hearing the moans from the porno tape – the whole thing was incredible – and then I say “oh fuck, I’m gonna have anal creampie”.

Rhoda & Phil Sex Story, part 1

Loaded Up With Messy LoadsI got off the plane feeling quite excited. It occurred to me that it was a shame that I couldn’t just grab my cock and start playing with myself right then and there – but getting arrested was not on the agenda.

What was on the agenda was meeting (and More), with Phil and Rhoda – owners of a “no limits” kind of sex site that I had been lurking for a while. Of all of the millions of sex sites that I had seen over the years, this one, and these people, seemed to be just about perfect. No gender hang-ups, no secret financial agenda – just all out, balls to the walls, no limits anal creampie sex – and lots of it…they seemed genuine.

I got the rental car (convertible), found their house, and knocked on the door. I heard some footsteps, and then the door opened. There stood Phil, wearing a t shirt and nothing else. Rhoda was hugging Phil from behind – she had her hands on his dick, from behind, and was slowly stroking it, while staring at me, and not saying anything about anal creampie.

Looks like I found the right house!!

Bill said, inquisitively, “Jerry?”. I said a little shakily “yes”, and then Rhoda uttered her first words as a loud whisper in Phil’s ear “frickin good thing!”. Phil said, “tasty anal creampie”, Rhoda said “”oh yeah”, and Phil reached out his hand, grabbed me by the crotch of my pants and pulled me in…the door shut.

I could hear a porno tape coming from another room, but before I could do anything, Phil dropped to his knees, unzipped my pants, and hauled out my cock. “Tasty!” (again) As Phil did this, I got my first look at Rhoda full body. He had seen pictures of her on the web site, but in person she was even more amazing. She had giant anal creampie! Jerry had always been a tit man. Something about them simply got him uncontrollable, in a hurry – especially the really big ones. Those were the ones that elicited all of his adolescent, ultra horny fantasy’s.

Rhoda had them encapsulated in a black spandex boustier, that raised them up to the point that they were so sexy and obscene it was mind bending. The tops were showing, and delectable. She also had on dark stockings with a garter belt, and her mostly shaved pussy was in full view. She had some great tattoos, but what put it ridiculously over the top was her eye make up. Some smart woman once said “I know what men want – more eye make up”. And was she right. Rhoda’s was perfect – lots of dark eye shadow, mascara, (not globby, but still heavy). Just perfect anal creampie!.

Anal Creampie Story, 2nd Part

Two Guys Release Their Loads in Her AssHe asked “what about anal creampie?” (using my real name, of couse.. he doesn’t know anything about my alternative lifestyle)… she said “it was his idea”. By this time she had his cock out of his fly, gently stroking it. “Why are you doing this anal creampie?” he asked. “Because I want to,” she told him. He was fully hard, jutting from his pants. She said he kept looking out the window to make sure I wasn’t coming in, so she told him to relax and enjoy. She turned around, pushed her shorts and panties down to her ankles, and stepped out of them. She spread her legs and bent over the kitchen counter and reached back to pull him to her. He still seemed nervous, but the poor man hadn’t had any ass in so long nothing else mattered.

She said he only stroked five or six times before he started to cum… but he kept stroking… and stayed hard! She said between her lubrication and sweat and the cum he pumped in her she could hear the squishing noises… and feel something running down her leg. After pumping for another 2 or 3 minutes he fucked her hard and came a second time. This time he stopped pumping, gasping for breath but still inside her. He slowly backed away and his cock plopped out of her, along with a big glob of anal creampie that landed on the panties laying between her feet.

Kristina s Ass Gets Filled with CumShe picked up the panties and walked to the sliding glass door to the back yard. I noticed her when she opened it and let the lawn mower die. Seeing her standing there in only her sports bra, her panties in her hand, I knew it was my turn!

I hurried inside and she lay down right there in the living room, still holding the panties. She handed them to me, and I raised them to my face and sniffed, then licked them. Then I dropped to the floor and buried my head in her sweaty, cum-filled ass hole. Damn it was hot and wet and messy and musky!! I loved it!

I licked her until he came, then crawled on top of her and fucked her until I came. Our neighbor was still standing by the kitchen counter, watching the whole thing. Not many words had been spoken during the whole thing.

Teen's Ass Filled with CumAfter I caught my breath and got off of her, she put her panties and shorts and tank top back on… I pulled my shorts back up (I’d just pushed them down around my thighs to fuck her)… the three of us had a beer while we told Scott, our neighbor, that we liked to do that from time to time. He was surprised to learn that I enjoy eating another man’s anal creampie out of my wife, but assured us that any time we want a “donor”, he’s willing. And we know he’s safe, because as far as we know that is the first time he’s had sex in the 5 years since his wife died.

We finished our beer and went back out to finish the yard. Then we went home where I helped MF out of her sweaty clothes and gave her a nice, all over tongue bath before she got in the shower!

Anal Creampie Story, 1st part

Dora s First Anal Creampie Sex VideoMF and I were mowing our neighbor’s yard last weekend. He’s a 45 year old widower who is crippled on his right side- the result of the motorcycle accident in which his wife died. We help him out around his house with things he can’t do… like anal creampie.

MF has told me many times that she thinks some of the times he “accidently” brushes against her, using his handicap as an excuse, he’s actually copping a feel. We’ve laughed about what he’d do if she just grabbed his crotch and told him to go for anal creampie.

Well, last weekend while we were there mowing, getting all hot and sweaty, she had to go in to pee. He was in the kitchen, and he doesn’t move very fast, so she didn’t bother to close the door all the way. She was in a HURRY to sit down! Just as she was standing up and pulling her shorts up, he came around the corner and saw her anal creampie. She quickly pulled her shorts up, but not before he got a good look at her white cotton panties. As she went by him in the hallway she made sure her hand brushed against his crotch.

Claudia s Both Holes are Sperm DrippingShe came back outside and told me what had happened, and that it felt like he had a hard-on when her hand brushed across it. I suggested she go back in and take care of it for him! She said no way… she was all hot and sweaty. But I finally convinced her to go back in and give him a good opportunity to cop a feel, and if he did, return the favor. And that if he seemed interested, to just take her shorts down and bend over and let him take her from behind. I told her it would be hot for me to know she did that, and even hotter to clean her up when we got done with it, which we almost were.

She went back in on the pretense of getting us an anal creampie. He was back in teh kitchen. MF had on one of my tank tops with a white sports bra under it… a lot of the bra was showing in the armholes of the top, and she’d been sweating, so the bra was fairly see-through. She noticed him staring openly, so she just smiled and pulled the tank top over her head, giving him a good look at the white sports top. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She walked over to him and cupped his crotch, and found that he was, indeed, hard. She unzipped his pants and reached inside. He wasn’t wearing shorts under his loose fitting pants.

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