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Please meet Felony, the white bitch seeking some interracial pleasures in a company of our mighty stud who has noticed her long time ago. She is a busty little whore and those melons did a good job to the ass digging love tool. She knows how to make a man do what she wants and this time she wanted a portion of black cream to cover her white ass. No female has ever taken his big black cock up a white ass this deeply so pay all your raunchy attention to that bottomless hole!

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Bobby Star

Insatiable white Bobby Star is a newbie to our black on white creampie entertainment but she proved to be a real bad ass when time came. Check her out in breathtaking underwear inviting the black monster cock to invade her stinky hole and leave some trace of pleasant pastime. She is totally enjoying the prelude with her cute small titties jammed by the fuck ready mate who can’t but think of penetrating his black love gun in between the lovely pair of white buttocks

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Go get that bootie work for you! The lady is too bad to behave so don’t expect erotic passion as we’ve got real anal hardcore here! Simply watch her teasing the black dick with cute white ass.

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Aurora Snow

Delicate and gorgeous Aurora Snow is so fine when you look at her shapely forms but you should know that she likes black cocks only. It’s her fucking passion and there is nothing else that makes her waters flow like a waterfall. She is a wild slutty babe that you will definitely be keeping an eye on in our interracial porn galleries where she offers her sexy body to huge black tools. Check out the exciting fuck atmosphere with adorable Aurora Snow and her horny white bootie lover who is planning to leave fresh creampie in taht tight pretty ass.

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No more than a few minutes elapsed when Harry arched his back and cried out, then he thrust deeply into Liz and made small exclamations in sync with his ejaculations. Liz was coming as well but not her main eruption, that was still to come.

Harry’s final spurt was accompanied by a load moan as his body relaxed. He was spent. He stayed inside her for along moment before rolling to the side and plopping down on the bed next to her. My wife was sensitive from her orgasm and gave out a little squeak with each stroke and kiss to her body. I kissed her and rolled on top of her. She didn’t want me in her right then, she tried to push me away saying she was too sensitive after anal creampie tgp but I pressed ahead anyway. He struggled as I knelt between her legs and tried to position my dick to enter her. Her movements caused her pussy to leak cum down her ass on over her thighs. I pressed ahead and entered her in one powerful motion. I missed and went down the cum-slick crack of her ass. I thought she was going to punch me for my anal creampie tgp, when I moved back up and this time hit the mark. My dick was instantly enveloped in hot liquid silk. She screamed out and almost came out from underneath me but my dick was all the way into her and I was pinning her down.

Anal Creampie Tgp

Her pussy felt divine. She was still loose and stretched from Harry’s cock and her inner muscles were coated with his silky sperm. As I stroked I spread the cum inside her making her feel even more soupy and sloshy. As I stroked she started to contract around me and the sensation went from heavenly to cosmic.

Like Harry before me I was jacking off into her pussy with speed and force. Each stroke pushed her body upwards and back. Harry got into the anal creampie tgp and knelt by her head and forced her to take his dick in her mouth. My stroking provided the motions for her tongue and lips to suck his cock from tip to base.

Anal Creampie Tgp

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Anal Gangbang Creampie

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I led my anal gangbang creampie wife to the bed and sat her down, She leaned forward to take my cock in her mouth while Harry got next to her start started to kiss and lick her nipples. Harry then pressed back so she was lying down. I knelt near her face so she could take me again in her mouth. Harry was now down between her legs kissing and licking her thighs higher and higher until he reached her wetness. Her legs went wide open to allow him best access. His face buried between my wife’s thighs he worked on pleasuring her like a pro.

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I pulled back and lay down next to her kissing her down her body until I found her left nipple, then rotated my sucking between left and right. Harry started to kiss upwards and soon he was sucking her right nipple while I paid full attention to the left one. My anal gangbang creampie wife was making these cooing and moaning sounds as we licked and sucked her nipples until they were totally distended and poking outwards nearly an inch.

Harry then moved into position and pulled my wife’s legs around him and in one smooth motion his cock entered her with sounds of passion from each of them. I don’t know how it was the last 2 times they did it but this was no smooth and gentle lovemaking. This was a race to get off. Harry wasn’t doing much more than masturbating into my anal gangbang creampie wife’s pussy but she loved it from all indications.

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My wife looked totally fresh after anal creampie compilation, but Harry was another matter. Harry saw me first and smiled. I knew immediately that they skipped lunch and spent the break in one the rooms. Liz saw me and came over, kissed me and said they had to get back. Harry nodded to me and I smiled back at him.

I went to our room to find the bed in a total mess and the room smelled of anal creampie compilation. I wanted to take a nap but there were cum stains all over the sheets and no dry spot to lie on.

Instead I went to the workout room and hot tub until they were finished for the day. I was coming out of the pool area when I saw Liz and Harry heading for the lift and up to the 11th floor. I hurried to catch them. By the time I got to the room and opened the door they were by the bed rocked in a kissing embrace. I closed and locked the door and went to them.

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My wife had her back to me so came behind her and embraced her from the back making a sandwich between Harry and me. She turned to kiss me. Harry’s hands were up and down her body. As we kissed I unbuttoned her blouse and Harry pulled it off and down.

Soon my wife was naked between us turning to each of us in turn to kiss and as we did she would remove an item of our clothing one at a time until Harry and I were sandwiching her between us. My cock was pressing into her taut ass while Harry kissed her and massaged her breasts. The she twirled to face me we locked in a kiss while Harry started kissing down her bare back until he was kneeling kissing her ass as she squirmed in pleasure of the anal creampie compilation.

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Multiple Anal Creampies

Chicks take multiple anal creampies

We didn’t say much for a few minutes then I broke the ice with “You look as tired as I am. I wonder which of us got the best of multiple anal creampies?”

Harry laughed and said, “Honestly you must have, I could barely take multiple anal creampies.”

He paused for a moment, “May I be frank?” without waiting for my reply he said, “Last night was the most intense and best sex I ever had in my life.”

I smiled and said “She does the multiple anal creampies pretty good, even after these years she takes me to the brink every time. Now you see why I wasn’t so disappointed about that other girl in the hot tub the other night.”

We looked at each other for a long moment and he said “You wife is awesome, thank you for multiple anal creampies.”

To which I said, “There’s always later. Now that you know what to expect you might enjoy it even more.” He looked at me hopefully and then I told him he was late for his meeting.

I decided to take a drive out to Richardson and visit this company I do business with. I had a great day and had lunch while I was out. I got back to the hotel about 1:00 right as the meeting were cranking up again. I walked around the lobby looking for my wife when the lift door opened and Liz came out of the lift car with Harry right behind her.

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Huge Anal Creampie

She moaned again, “Yes he was very big, fat with big balls. His balls were full of huge anal creampie. He fucked me with his big fat cock. His dick was in my pussy, where yours is right now my darling. He fucked your pussy. His cock was in my tight pussy, stretching it out for you.”

“You feel so big and stretched my lover. Your pussy is so big and wet with his cum. Were you huge anal creampie slut tonight my sweet?” I whispered.

Huge creampie anal

“Oh I was such a whore for him. He fucked me in every position. I sucked his cock and he ate my pussy. I fucked him like the whore that I am. He came in me; I felt his sperm shooting into my whore’s pussy. There was so much. I wiped up before I left but more leaked out as I walked back.”

That was that for us. We both exploded in orgasm. I saw stars and she screamed out where I’m sure others in the hotel must have heard, maybe even Harry down the hall.

We slept like that until morning.

Chick drinks huge anal creampie

Liz was up first and took a shower. She dressed and said she would be down for huge anal creampie breakfast. I didn’t feel like moving so I skipped. About 9:30 I finally rolled out of bed and went downstairs for coffee. Who did I meet down there but Harry looking just as tired as I felt.

He looked at me sheepishly. I greeted him and invited him to sit and have his coffee with me. He looked hesitant, but I aid “Hey huge anal creampie man, it’s okay.”

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Massive Anal Creampie

Massive Anal Creampie

I lay back and enjoyed the sensations. I felt like I was going to erupt any moment, then she backed off and my damp cock felt cool in the air-conditioned bedroom.

She shifted positions to straddle my hips. The massive anal creampie leaking from her had dripped farther down her legs. I felt it against me as our thighs touched.

She lowered herself on me. My cock automatically sought out the proper position as she lowered her hips against me I went into her easily. She was slick and wet inside and felt heavenly. I could feel her labia against my shaft and felt her muscles dilating around my cock. Harry’s massive anal creampie added sensation and allowed me to feel the striations of her muscles respond to our strokes.

She leaned forward for me to take her nipples into my mouth one at a time. “Did he do this massive anal creampie for you?” I asked.

“Yes. He liked my nipples he said. He told me they were very sensuous. He sucked them.”

I did the same. “Do you love massive anal creampie?” she asked.

“I love and adore your lovely, firm chocolate nipples my love.”

She moaned. “Was his cock big my darling?”

Massive Anal Creampie

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